Why is your product made of soy?

Soybean is the perfect vegetable! It requires no fertilization, it’s a complete protein, and it’s abundantly grown in the United States.

Will you make a pea protein version?

If we receive demand from soy-free and gluten-free communities, we’d be happy to begin development on a pea protein version. Please let us know if this is something you’d like!

Will you make a vegan version?

Yes, there will be a vegan version of Unicorn Meat in early 2019!

Where do you make your product?

Production occurs in a commercial kitchen facility located in San Francisco, CA.

Is your product produced from GMO soybeans?

GMO-free soybeans are difficult to source and we are diligently working to produce a non-GMO product available in early 2019.

Why should we eat fermented or proofed foods?

Fermented/Proofed foods have many benefits, including:

  • Increased shelf life: We strive to create a product which can match the shelf life of preservative products, preservative-free.

  • Environmentally friendly: We pride ourselves in being the most carbon neutral plant-based meat company available on the market!

  • Health benefits: Studies have shown that fermented or proofed foods are known to aid with digestion and immune support. Fermented foods are great to include in a calorie restrictive diet!

Why is it called “Unicorn Meat?”

Because one unicorn feeds the world.